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Oct 13, 2012 11:00pm PDT
for tomorrow's jump near roswell, new mexico. they will travel to the edge of space. then he's going to jump from 23 miles high. he should reach super sonic speeds as he falls at 700 miles an hour, breaking the sound barrier. >>> we hear stories every week about silicon valley companies hiring, but what's not getting attention are all the layoffs. >> reporter: with each new product, each ground-breaking innovation, high-tech is an employment magnet. >> there is a hiring boom in silicon valley. >> reporter: chris helps high- tech workers find jobs. the tougher part is keeping those jobs. >> occupations are created and destroyed here faster than anywhere else, just like new technologies are created and destroyed faster and replaced, and they become obsolete faster than anywhere else. >> reporter: with every every new round of hiring, there are also layoffs by the thousands. the unemployment rate in the silicon valley is 8.5%, higher than the national average. >> life is not as great in silicon valley as we'd like to think. >> reporter: tom, a logistics manager, has been downsized four times. >
Oct 14, 2012 11:00pm PDT
above new mexico's desert. the 43 austrian skydiver was about to become a human missile and plunge father and faster than anyone in history of his adescript lasted 2.5 hours in a capsule lifted by a helium balloon. the only hitch baumgartner's visor fogged up when the heater stopped working. >> i do not think i have heating. >> reporter: joe kittinger in mission control was the voice in baumgartner's ear. >> there is the world out there. >> reporter: in 1960 kittinger than an air force captain set the free fall record with a dive from 102,000 feet. he spent four years helping to train baumgartner for this minute, the plunge from 128,000 feet within 30 seconds, baumgartner's preliminary speed topped out 833 miles per hour. the first human in free fall to break the speed of sound. there was drama and danger and he went into a catastrophic topspin and regained control back at a head-down controlled position. his free fall lasted 4 minutes and 19 seconds more than one minute short of kittinger's record before his chute opened on schedule. no olympic gymnast has ever stuck a landing q
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2